Automotive window tinting is definitely an art in itself and a skill that takes years to perfect. We have been in our current location for over 30 years and employ two full-time master installers. When installed professionally with the highest quality film, you get the look and the protection for as long as you will own your vehicle. San Diego Tint guarantees your complete satisfaction of your automotive window tinting and along with the manufacturer, warranties your tint and installation for the life of your car. With our experience and professionalism, you can count on us to handle all your window tinting needs.

Automotive tinting can add visual enhancement along with exceptional protection for the occupants and the vehicles interior. Applying window film to your car will help keep it cooler in the sun, offer a level of comfort, privacy, and help protect the interior from fading and deterioration by filtering out all the harmful ultraviolet light. All the films we carry block 99%+ of ultraviolet light, helping slow down your vehicle’s aging process, while offering different levels of shading, infrared, and heat rejection.

What Are the Benefits of Tinting?

Some customers are just looking to make their Car look Good, while others care about UV and Heat Rejection. Well, everyone can benefit from window tinting no matter what there reasons or lack there of. Window film offers protection from the sun against heat, glare and fading, while it can also increase vehicle esthetics. Window film is a high performance polyester film with either a dyed, metalized, or ceramic coating bonded by adhesives that provides significant solar insulation for all types of glass. Depending on the type of tinting film selected for your vehicle, it can cut from 15% to 96% of incoming light; eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, while cutting up to 76% of the solar heat gain through the glass.